Art Commissions

Do you have a special place?

 Somewhere that brings back happy childhood memories.

 Your favourite place to go on holiday. 

 A place that reminds you of someone special.

I will create a memory piece of that special place, which will be meaningful and personal to you.

What's more, it will be a timeless piece art , full of texture, colour and detail.

It can be personalised  with words, images and sentiments that have special meaning to you.  

My sole aim is to create a piece of art for you that will bring special memories and magic to your home. 

Do you have a favourite animal?

 My wildlife collages capture the beauty and majesty of the amazing creatures found in nature.

Customer's story

In 2018 my wife and I were browsing in an Arts and Crafts  centre in Holmfirth when we came upon` His Majesty', a torn paper collage by Jan Folan. we were impressed by the subject matter and the detailed workmanship - in particular Glynis commented that the Stag's gaze seemed to follow us around the room.

I returned in secret at a later date and bought the picture as a present for my wife.

In 2019 we had a large horse chestnut tree taken down at the front of our property and we had the remaining trunk carved in the shape of a seated hare.

We were so impressed by the picture of `His Majesty that i decided to ask Jan to create a collage in the likeness of the hare carving known as the`Marsden Hare.`

Jan took photographs of the tree carving and designed an image of the hare to match the style of `His Majesty`- both collages complement each other in style and appearance and look superb when displayed together. Jan kept me informed about the progress of her work throughout and discussed several ideas of design,material and colouration.We are really pleased with both pieces of work.

-Glynis& Eddie Whitehead

The wood carving of the Marsden Hare.

The Marsden Hare in Huddersfield, west Yorkshire.

The `Marsden Hare` and `His Majesty complement each other in style and appearance.


Hi I am happy to take on  a commission for you. If there is a particular animal, place, pet or anything else that you would like creating please do not  hesitate to contact me, we  can discuss details and requirements privately.

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