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Whitby Steps original

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This original torn paper collage is from my collection of Whitby. It captures the stunning view  from St Marys Church, and looks down the famous steps and over to Tate Hill  in Whitby, North Yorkshire. The extravagantly colourful sunset adds to the magic of this piece. It is created entirely of paper. I tear and precisely cut tiny pieces of recycled paper and carefully blend them together to create art that is full of colour, texture and detail. The closer you look the more you will see. This piece will capture the splendour of a sunset over Whitby perfectly, and will be a delightful addition to the home of anyone who has visited this wonderful town.

It measures 16x 20 ins (40 x 48 x 0.5cm) on a canvas board. This piece comes unframed to allow your own choice of frame.

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